Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 9:

Hmm, there is a definite pattern in the recipe department here. But what can I expect when all bread type items are getting made from the same ingredients? I tried a muffin recipe this morning and once again it was like cornbread. It was a different recipe than yesterday's bread but tasted the same and had the same consistency. Jack's older brother's response was, "Do we HAVE to eat this for breakfast?" in a rather disdainful tone. Jack apparently liked it, though, so at least someone besides me did! Unfortunately I am missing the soft fluffiness of regular bread.

The past week Jack hasn't drank any milk - soy or regular. Today he got out the Soy Milk container and poured himself a glass. He tried some, got a big smile like it was a great treat, and drank the whole glass. Looks like soy milk is kid approved for the moment!

Today I also tried to call the allergy specialist to set up an appointment for testing. They are closed for a week so we will have to try back next week. I also called a DAN! (defeat autism now) doctor in Provo who takes our insurance. There are none in Idaho and only two in Utah, one in Sandy and Provo each. They have openings when we will be going down for the Jazz basketball game. I will have to talk to Jim about that and see if we want both the boys to miss school and go down for an early appointment before the game. At least that way we could avoid a whole separate trip.

This morning he has once again been a cheerful little guy. This really is a great trend. Hopefully it keeps going! He went into his room and got dressed after several reminders. Normally he'll go in there and stay there for awhile playing and forget to get dressed. Today he went in, got dressed and came right out. Things are turning out nicely!

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