Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a year - time for a revisit

It's been a year since we have first tried the GFCF diet. We've been far from perfect but we have made some progress. Jack still loves soy milk. We've found several recipes that everyone loves. Reading back through the old posts, it's good for me to see what happened for that 9 days we completely did the diet. We ended up not doing GFCF completely for a long time because we couldn't find enough good bread recipes. Thanks to a sister we did finally find some good things that work better.

1. Spelt flour - This can be bought in the bulk foods section at stores. I have tried grinding it at home but it turns out too heavy but can still be done. The store bought already ground flour is much better. I can take a normal recipe, substitute spelt for normal flour, and still have it turn out fine.

2. Oatmeal bread - The bread turns out rather sweet but we still really like it and Jack LOVES it. The recipe can be found at

3. Marie Callendar style cornbread - Our family likes this even better than normal cornbread! You can change the sweetness by just adding less sugar but we all, except Jim, like the sugar variety.

4. Chocolate Chip Spelt muffins - Need I say more? They have chocolate chips so of course they are delicious.

5. Soy milk - We substitute soy milk in any recipe that calls for regular milk. Nobody knows the difference.

Hopefully these ideas will be of some help to everyone else. As for me, I need to get back on the bandwagon again as Jack has been digressing in various areas. Look for more updates in the coming week.

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