Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 8:

Okay, today was definitely trickier. Breakfast turned out okay but lunch was much harder to figure out than normal. Usually Sundays are sandwich days which we couldn't do as I haven't found a GFCF bread recipe yet. We ended up doing syrup burritos again for lunch because I couldn't figure out something else that was fast. I've decided this diet is definitely going to take good menu planning and forethought. I can't just wing it like I used to.

I ended up trying a bread recipe for dinner and was disappointed in the result. It took lots of ingredients and was more work to make and it turned out like cornbread instead of sandwich bread. None of the kids really liked it and the only way it got eaten was by mandate. This bread recipe I think is going to be elusive. The ones I have seen take even more ingredients than the one I tried tonight, several of which I don't have and am not sure where to find.

On a happy note, Jim and the kids did find a treat recipe that was GF and almost CF. We had a bag of dipping chocolate with a recipe for a chex muddy buddy type dessert. The chocolate had milk powder in it but I'm not sure how much. The rest of the ingredients were GF, though, and it was VERY yummy!

As for behavior today we once again had a really good day! Jack had a talk in primary and normally he can be a little bit of a ham during that. We forgot to prepare it until after he went to bed so we picked it out and had him read it on the way to church. Then he and I snuck our during sacrament to read through it once. Well, he must not have felt very confident in reading it because he wouldn't give it. He cowered down on the stand and hid instead. We've had him refuse to read it before even when it was well rehearsed and want us to read it to him but never had him abdicate altogether. He couldn't be swayed so we told him it was okay and he could just go sit down if he wanted. He happily did so, smiled on the way to his seat and skipped the talk. Other than that he was a pretty happy kid.

I'm starting to see that he seems much less agitated than normally. He seems more laid back and smiles more consistently. Today he even walked up to me and just put his arms around my shoulders and gave me a good hug. He seems overall a lot happier so that makes me VERY happy!

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  1. I would like to make a recommendation about "bread". We are GFCF, corn-free and free of 23 common foods. Bread was a BIG problem for us, he wanted it constantly. Anyway, a great alternative to bread is to use GFCF pancakes! We make them without sweeteners and my son LOVES them. We even make sandwiches out of them! We try to alternate "grains" so we make teff pancakes and some with buckwheat, sorghum, quinoa and other "grains". We also make banana nut muffins with these grains. Again, we remove all sweeteners, because of yeast. Let me know, if you want any of these recipes. Also, check out my blog -