Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 4 continued:

If today is a precursor to what a full-blown GFCF diet can do for Jack then sign us up! We were both blown away by how today went even though we aren't completely GFCF yet. By evening Jim was asking what all Jack had eaten the past two days. We were quickly planning another impromptu GFCF dinner as we are so excited with our progress so far. Seriously it was an absolutely wonderful day. Our key differences we noticed today were:

1. Jack did not have one fit today. He had one minor moment of frustration, quickly resolved it was back to cheerfully doing homework. Normally it's a huge hassle to get homework or anything done and he did several things with no complaint and a smile.

2. There was NO fighting or being mean to siblings. We honestly could not think of one day ever since he was a baby that he has not had frustration, hitting or something with siblings. That alone was so blissful.

3. Normally he is a little video game addict. There is usually a fit when we tell him it is time to get off. He came to us today after playing for awhile and said, "I'm tired of playing Game Cube." We both sat there in absolute shock for a few seconds while it registered what had just been said. For Jack to say on his own that he is tired of video games is, as Jim put it, absolutely PHENOMENAL.

4. We suggested since he was bored of games to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. He normally is hard to get to go outside and play so this was going to be a good test of he was doing. He gladly went out to go play with a smile on his face. Another shocker for us.

5. His handwriting is normally fairly decent but today it was much better than normal. I complimented him several times on how nice his writing was looking.

The smiles and happy singing and humming was a big kicker towards the GFCF diet for me. He really looked so happy and like a regular kid today. I just wanted to cry when I put him to bed because he had such a great day at home! Tomorrow I am going to call his teacher and see how school went because I am curious if that went better, too. I certainly hope it went as well for him there as it did here!

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  1. I found your blog through the GFCF Yahoo group, way to go mama! Our 3.5 year old was diagnosed with SPD, but I suspect he also has/had Aspergers. Although it was never diagnosed, the term had been thrown around a little by one particular DAN! dr who we haven't seen in a while now (insurance issues). Anyway, I also have a blog and thought I would share the link so you can see our journey as well.