Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 6: Are we paying for that cheese sandwhich yesterday?

Today definitely did not go as well. Jack did NOT want to get up this morning. It took me awhile to get him up and then he was very slow when he did. Plus I found out he had lied to his dad last night about having homework done and he'd never done it.

After school wasn't too bad but by dinner time he was in his very rude/exaggeration stage again. He'd skipped his afternoon snack so that certainly didn't help. I'd made him a GFCF one, too, but he said he wasn't hungry.

I had discussed the diet change earlier in the week with Jim's mom and she was very supportive. We decided to check before going out to the Olive Garden to make sure there were gluten/dairy free meals available for Jack. I picked a poor timing to discuss the new diet with him when he was hungry and he wasn't at all happy about it. He threw fits the whole time there about not being allowed "to ever eat anything!" and it was a rather embarrassing and miserable experience.

The poor waitress didn't know what was going on and to cheer him up with some breadsticks. When we declined then she offered him pizza. Jim's mom nicely said he was gluten free and the waitress tried to do a quick recovery of her mistake. How was she to know? Most kids that would be fine with.

After he ate his meal, though, he finally was a little more agreeable. I've got tomorrow's meals planned so hopefully we can stick with it better this weekend. I'm curious to see how he will do through Monday morning being completely GFCF for two days, including lunches. Wish us luck because right now I feel like I really need it after tonight!

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